This is a spy game, but you are not the spy. You’re also not the evil nemesis. You play henchman #2739, and you defend the evil lair. You’re the last henchman. All of your colleagues are dead - killed protecting your incredibly irresponsible evil lord, who spent the weapons budget on overly complicated shark tanks. These tanks don’t even contain sharks. Just some fish he found cheap. 

Now, tied to a fish tank, shooting fish from a hose, this is your last stand.

Will you be able to defend that fiscally reckless “master mind” from the onslaught of slick spies starring in feature movies, by hitting them with third-tier fish while you're stuck looping around the one remaining fishtank?

Let’s find out!


This game is our submission to Ludum Dare Jam 47, "Stuck in a loop".

Press ] to skip level, [ to go back a level, and M to mute.



Game Design and Project Management: 
Uri Shomroni
Dima Venger
Asaf Sagi

Yoni Rozenshein
Eran Galili
Oryan Moshe
Tal Shor
Alon Reznik

Hagay Giller
Hilla Rose 
Noa Peleg

Saba Nahman 

Shiran Rozenshein

Special thanks:
Aviad Shamir

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